Naomi Rosenberg using a Clonker Board hands

Clonker Board Workshops

What is a Clonker Board

Resonance Boards or Clonker Boards are a truly versatile resource that have swept through special schools over the last 10 years but are almost unknown to nurseries and preschool groups.

It is made from a sheet of plywood raised off the ground with wooden batons round the edge to make a frame. This becomes a giant drum that children can sit round with their feet on the board.

How you can use the Clonker Board

In the hands-on training workshop, I will show you activities to use on the board with a group of 8 children. In the second part of the workshop the children will decorate the board to make a big painting.

Activities around the board will include a Hello song, name games, poems, songs, stories and chants.

The reason for the board’s success in special schools is its versatility. So much of what you do at the moment can be enhanced by using the board to pat out rhythms in songs and to create drama in stories.

Clonker Board sessions are very inclusive and help children feel part of a group. The children are naturally swept up and excited by hearing, seeing and feeling the beats on the board.

I give nursery workshops and all-age special school workshops. The cost of the workshop is £250 and includes the Clonker Board for you to keep. I will travel up to an hour from Bristol for one workshop or up to an hour and a half for two workshops. The second workshop without the board is £150. Please contact me for further details or to request a brochure.