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Naomi Rosenberg

My background as a teacher of the deaf for children with complex needs, has led me to develop a range of dynamic activities to stimulate the senses, encourage communication skills and give opportunities for inclusion. I have over 25 years of experience developing sensory learning experiences to share with you.

I offer CLONKER BOARD WORKSHOPS to nurseries, preschool groups and special schools. I have given over 100 workshops to share a range of techniques using a resonance board. A hand painted Clonker Board is included in the workshop price.

I am also the initiator of DANCE MASSAGE. This has been developing for 17 years in special schools. Dance Massage is a must for your sensory curriculum and an important technique for sensory integration. In the last 3 years I’ve taken Dance Massage into 45 mainstream nurseries giving training to staff and parents of babies and toddlers.

I am available to come to your setting to deliver Inset training in ‘Music for Communication’. This includes a scintillating array of ideas that encourage sensory integration. I also give workshops with adults and children to train staff in the wonders of Dance Massage and the Clonker Board.

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Naomi Rosenberg
Consultant in Sensory Education
Hearing Support teacher for the Sensory Support Service Bristol
Initiator of Dance Massage.

Telephone:   0117 940 0962

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